Change…..Change ….. Change……

  • What we are hearing,
  • What we are seeing,
  • What we are saying,
  • What we are thinking,
  • What we are experiencing,
  • What we are doing

Everything is changing for the complete fellow human beings world wide, the only difference is magnitude from person to person, place to place, country to country…..

While I was experiencing similar change, wanted to share my view and a simple mantra, which i coined it as 321 Mantra, which is as easy as 1,2,3……for us to take life forward.

Let’s embrace the change and adapt to the NEW NORM from 2020.

321 Mantra for NOW

Dear Friends !

I am craving to share something and please read on and share (talk, not just forward) with more if you like this…..

During this unique situation of Global Lock Down, it’s crucial that each one of us take stock of situation and have answers for the 3 Questions, which I shared before and 2 things we MUST keep in mind

Crucial 3 Questions:

With new experience during Lock Down, the three Questions to ASK self are

  1. What is that you are going to STOP Doing, from now on.
  2. Whats is that you will CONTINUE Doing
  3. What is that you will START Doing

The 2 Things are:

1. Don’t be sticky, be adaptable – things are changing at speed, never imagined, so old school of thoughts, old beliefs, olf business models will NOT work. So be OPEN and adaptable, even if you lose it’s less than what you would have lost being sticky.

2. Be Frugal – Be conservative with all your resources, be as frugal as possible that you must be surprised with self. Just look back and see how you could manage things without spending much of resources.

Now that you answered 3 Questions, got to 2 Things, let me conclude with the 1 must do.

Most important 1 Aspect:

One MUST DO aspect, each one of us must PLEDGE, as let’s stay committed to help fellow human beings. Help cannot come from somewhere ( travel ban LOL), it MUST come from each one of us. Decide on One Thing You can DO, to help fellow human being without expecting anything.

Help Helps

Hope these 3 questions, 2 things and 1 aspect would help you move on with satisfaction