IT all started in Jan 2013. Leaving a cushy job at Microsoft Corporation with a HIGH Paying salary & Stable / Secure family life.

The new journey as an ‘entrepreneur’ was a challenging journey and unknown world / universe with most uncertainty around future & success.

Two paths in front were, either to design one’s own life or lead a life designed by others. My choice was clear and I was ready for all the possible challenges.

Jumping into entrepreneurship was nothing less than jumping out of an aircraft, with no parachute, blind-folded!

Long story short, after 6 years of roller-coaster life, ecstatic and challenging moments, they have become routine and way of life.

However, something which was very clear was, if not now, when? if not me, who? And this thought was the energy booster all through.

The urge to lead a designer life and help others design their lives was always fueling my journey as a COACH. Coaching is a humble profession, an amazing opportunity to impact lives positively. As the thank you notes started flowing in, appreciations and testimonials being flooded, the love and gratitude of the beneficiaries, helped me stay tuned and follow my passion and move ahead living my mission.

Fast-forward 6 years, I could create a niche for myself, in the elite circle of ‘Top 10 life Coaches of India’ and today is the day, probably I was waiting for. I am super excited to share with you, this great news.

Thanks to each of you who are reading this, special thanks to all my Individual coaching clients, corporate clients (CEOs and their teams), Sure Success Intensive participants (our signature 2-day workshop), students and patrons, for helping me sail through the harsh waves during the last 6 years.

Wholehearted thanks to all my mentors and gurus who not only appeared in my life, however, also guided and helped me become what I am today.

Last but not least, the team at One Life Academy and Ample Courses, for their continuous support.

But for the most supportive family, one can dream for, this achievement would not have been possible.

Here is the article featured in the magazine – CEO Insights. Thanks to the team at CEO Insights, for recognizing and featuring me as their ’10 Best Life Coaching Service Providers in India 2019’.