Gone are the days when 2020 was years ahead. Now it is only 12 months away! And there cannot be any better time than NOW to start preparing for it!

But why do you think should we be prepared for 2020 in the first place?

The economy is driven by the business houses led by entrepreneurs. Either it is a product, service or a combination of product or service, is to be to be managed by people. People being assets in an organization was being spoken for ages however it is going to be 100% true from 2020 on wards. It is a dedicated investment on the maintenance of these assets namely ‘people’, is something all the futuristic leaders must and should consider investing on.

That’s why the only answer NOW is ‘PEOPLE’.

Because the workforce entering the marketplace in 2020 is going to be drastically different from what we have now! Your definition of loyalty and their definition is going to be miles apart.

Is your ‘WHY’ still persisting? As to why are they going to be different?

I’m sure most of you are aware of the impact of baby boomers on the world economy back then. The millennial is having a similar impact on the economy today and 2020 is going to be yet another new era.

The Gen Z / Neo Gen are going to be powerful workforce from 2020 and it will become our utmost priority to be able to handle, manage and co-exist with them if we want to be anywhere in the picture with them.

This makes the year 2019 as the most crucial year to ready ourselves for 2020. 12 months is what we have to prepare to overcome the upcoming challenges and leverage this time to our advantage.

There is no second opinion about the digital world being the future. The empowering digital world and its integration in our lives are so strong that it has increased our potential. But are we living up to it?

Today the top 10 movers and shakers worldwide like Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and AirBnB etc were NOT existing in 2006. It may seem like upcoming new opportunities are technology-centric, but it is about creating markets, either new or the ones that are currently very small until today.

Even when you refer Industry 4.0 where predominantly we are talking artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics etc. the key factor that pops up is,

‘Do we have ‘our people’ ready to handle this?

‘Do we have ‘our people’ ready to accept this ?

That’s where the art of new gen people management comes into the picture and we are exactly talking about that, being 2020 ready. Unless you understand this and start your preparation to be 2020 ready, 2019 needs to be the year where you create your Success Blue Print.