Tangible and Intangible Assets

Tangible Assets are the ones ‘Owned by the Company’ and InTangible Assets are those ‘Owned by Company & the Individuals’ Challenge in present ERA is to manage and measure ultimate intangible: Knowledge.

Conventional Companies have 100s of years to develop. However,
Knowledge Companies, by comparison, have barely reached adolescence. Literature in the field is therefore sparce and contradictory. I would love the share my learnings around attempts to address these problems by concentrating on the greatest challenge facing knowledge companies: The ability to manage intangible asset profitably while respecting the most important asset, people.

Intangible Assets are moving targets. Interpersonal relationships play a decisive role in business activities of a knowledge company, unlike conventional ones. The chemistry between customers and people at knowledge companies does matter over and beyond the competencies. People Management, ability to recruit, develop and retain the key personnel is as important as the ability to attract and hold the right customers.

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